Post nuclear synth pop at it’s best, who would have thought it could sound so catchy and upbeat!!! – my tongue is firmly in my cheek!!!


Awakening was recorded in september 2010 and was the second track I produced after my studio refit earlier that year.

Ever wondered what it would be like to wake up dead?, then this song is for you – enjoy!


First written as a poem in August 2010, subsequently recorded as a song in January 2011 this work has crossed borders in it’s presentation and also has an artwork image created by fantasy artist Cheryl Austin (Maid in the Dark), which graces one of the walls in my home.

Having recently featured on Viktor Aurelius ‘Whispers in the Dark’ show on BlogTalk radio it’s a cautionary tale to beware the female vampire form – you have been warned!!!

Let Hemoglobin flow….


This track evolved out of what was originally intended to be a demo of an atmospheric film score, however I ended up writing lyrics for it and turning it into a song, yet kept the long build at the start, hence the track length!

It’s best heard on headphones and I hope if you close your eys it will invoke images of a forlorn and misty garden of eden, with a central gothic female character – well it works for me!, this is best described as a ‘songscape’