NYCTOPHOBIA The Premiere Blog and Update

NYCTOPHOBIA – The Premiere

Nyctophobia had it’s long awaited premiere on 30th October at Northampton’s Picturedrome.

The exclusive event saw the cast and crew reunited for the first time since shooting wrapped in early summer 2014. Whilst a packed and appreciative audience of around 200 people
were treated to an evening of wide and varied entertainment ranging from live singers, poetry readings, berlesque acts and a screening by UK Haunted about their paranormal investigation
of the Picturedrome itself.

The high octane night culminated in the first showing of ‘Nyctophobia’ the movie which received rapturous applause from the crowd at the beginning and end – whilst the middle was set aside for some spine tingling chills and jumps which really shone through on the big screen and sound system.

Listen to the attached audio to get a flavour of the atmosphere as we join the film in the closing moments!

Earlier in the day Director Andrew Loverage and writer Alan Keen were joined by alex and Micky from UK Haunted at the BBC radio studio’s in Northampton to talk about the film, you can hear the interview with the audio on this blog.


Nyctophobia has earnt it’s place amongst the hallowed entries of IMDB the internationally recognised TV & Movie
database, this is great news for all those who worked on the film with ongoing opportunities to add to their credits as their careers and projects progress.


You can take a look at the IMDB Nyctophobia page here

The Mummy – Poetryscape

THE MUMMY – Poetryscape

This is my third and final poetryscape from this year’s Bram Stoker International Film Festival Dark Arts Exhibition.

The poem is based on the Universal Pictures film starring Boris Karloff released in 1931, the film differs from the previous releases of this era in that it wasn’t based on a classic already established novel.

The Mummy was written by John L. Balderston and in my opinion was the weakest of the three classic films in terms of storyline, however it was a further vehicle for the now famous Boris Karloff to further chill audiences of the time with his portrayal of Imhotep an ancient Egyptian Mummy accidentally revived when archaeologists read aloud a sacred scroll of reincarnation.

Despite the lack of storyline the concept of The Mummy has gone on to enjoy many cinema revivals from it’s immediate sequels to the Hammer remake and again in more recent years.


Dracula – Poetryscape

DRACULA – Poetryscape

Here is the second of my poetryscape’s from this years Bram Stoker International Film festival Dark Arts Exhibition.

Like Frankenstein ‘Dracula’ is again based oupon the 1931 Universal Pictures film of the same name.

Purists will note the inconsistancies of the storyline compared to the original 1897 Bram Stoker novel, where of course it was Johnathon Harker who travelled to
Transylvania to assist the Count with his property transaction after renfield.

It’s also Wolfbane rather than Garlic that vampires find repulsive in this version of the story, not quite sure why the story was changed in this way as it would have had no budgetry or screen adaptational requirements to have deemed it necessary!

Anyway, enjoy, I certainly had fun in the creative process in writing the music and poetry and building up the soundscape.