You can now hear my music on Soundcloud and stream a playlist of my works, I’ll be adding more tracks from my back catalogue over time covering various genres, so there should be something to please everyone’s ears!

I deceided to add this additional listening option as although this website and blog acts as my central repository of audio work, it’s hosted by WordPress and on occasion some followers (indeed myself as well) have encountered issues accessing media from various browsers and devices.

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Creepy Classic…. coming soon!

H P Lovecraft

I’m delighted to announce my latest collaboration with After Midnight Productions.

Following the success of The Tale of the Christmas Tree
we are producing a short soundscape style film based around a classic Lovecraft poem.

Director Andrew Loverage is putting together the suitably creepy visuals, whilst I have the honour of creating the narration and audio soundscape.

There is no precise scheduled release date at present but sooner rather than later is our goal.

There are other plans afoot for this year so keep coming back!