New Track – Some Nostalgic synthpop!

The 1981 debut album by depeche Mode ‘speak & spell’ was an innovative slice of synthpop that inspired a generation!

This is my production of the instrumental track ‘big Muff’, though I’m not sure where they got that title from!

I’ve used Cakewalk sonar Producer 8.5 as my DAW, soft synths include roland Groove Synth, Session Drummer 3, whilst the analog bass
sounds and some effects come from the Novation Bass Station 2. The lead line is from a Yamaha PSR295 which also provides some additional drums and fx.

The Legacy of the Demeter

To celebrate Whitby Town Council marking the point on Tate Hill pier where Count Dracula First stepped ashore – here’s a repost of my 2013 Bram stoker International Film Festival Poetryscape exhibit from the Dark Arts Exhibition ‘The Legacy of the Demeter’, which also featured on the US BlogTalk radio show ‘Whispers in the Dark’ in February 2014.

Best heard through headphones!