It was great to be invited onto this show on 5th February, and was made very welcome by Viktor and Geoff.  We talked about many topics and played 8 of my recordings, highlighting work featured as part of Bram Stoker Dark Arts and the upcoming TV themes.  We’ve had some good feedback from the show and here’s a link to listen again or download it–episode-84



Due for UK broadcast commencing in June, I’ve been fortunate

enough to have written and recorded the title music for both of

the above shows.

Whilst both themes are at demo stage Richard Gladman the production

co-ordinator is very pleased with the tracks.

Essentially ‘Fragments of Fear’ will be a modern day ‘scary’ version of Jackanory

featuring either two 10 minute or one 20 minute story each episode.

‘Creature Feature’ in contrast will be a magazine style show that will include reviews

and trailers from the world of horror cinema.

I tried to encapsulate the essence of each programmes content into the brief time that

a theme track gets.

‘Fragments’ has a more ghostly feel, and I used a Waltz style tempo which seems to work.

For ‘Creature Feature’ they were looking for a more modern aggressive biting sound that would appeal to the newer generation of horror fans.

For this track I exclusively used the spectresonics ‘Omnisphere’ softsynth, it has some amazing sound capabilities and is just great for producing tracks that accompany visuals.


I recently wrote an electronic dance track for

the above show on Secklow Sounds Radio.

The track got an airing a couple of weeks ago, and the host has invited me

to be a guest in the near future.


Sad to learn that the above radio station is no longer

currently on air.

Danny Miles ‘Lifelines’ show, was instrumental in playing a couple

of my songs from last year.  ‘What?’ and ‘The Desperate Hours’ both had

there first airings on Danny’s show.

Hopefully the station will come back again sometime in the future.

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