In Consequence – Another new track!


This is a track written to demonstrate the sounds from an Omnisphere synth library recently released by Matt Bowdler of ‘The Unfinished’ for which I had the honour of beta testing.

The piece is what we term ‘a naked demo’ in that there were no external sound effects ormixing enhancements used whatsoever , so the sounds are completely unprocessed aside from Omnisphere’s own internal effects.

Matt’s sounds are used by many composers within the movie industry and grace many a prestigious film score ‘Need for Speed 5’ being of particular note.

Chris Ankin (c) 2015

The Gateway – New Track


This short piece of music has been inspired by my many trips to Turkey. Known as ‘the gateway to the east’ for it’s magical blend of western and eastern cultures.

I’ve endeavoured to capture that spirit and feel within the music, whilst still maintaining my current leaning toward the cinematic.

Guest vocalist on this track is courtesy of Gediz Corogluwho recorded some beautifully evocative vocals at a session in Istanbul.


Chris Ankin (c) 2015