New Song – Even Superheroes Die!

Sadly I was inspired by the loss of so many famous and talented people last year, and felt compelled to write a song about it, first one of the year!

Even Superheroes Die!

So now that the party is over
There’s a lot of contemplation to do
Things that we’d cherished got broken
Emotions change from red to blue

Beliefs that we thought were forever
Were never really quite understood
Our understanding is much like the weather
We want to change it for the greater good

No matter how hard I try

I can never fly,
the sky seems out of bounds to me
but I’m not alone for we are all flesh and bone
And even superheroes die

Those that live on high
Are never home and dry
It simply means they’ve further to fall
So I’ll breathe a sigh and then I’ll ask again why
That even superheroes die

Safe until the pedistal crumbled
Your Fame has kept the wolves at bay
The pie that you fed us was humble
And you lived to fight another day

So talented, pretty and charming
International supercool icon
The influence you had was alarming
How will we survive now you’re gone

Now you’ve disappeared from the silverscreen
And your music has faded to grey
But you’re here in our hearts for evermore
And nothing can take that away

Chris Ankin