FRANKENSTEIN – Poetryscape

Happy Halloween!

Here is the first of my ‘Universal Monsters’ poetryscapes which featured in last weeks Bram Stoker International Film Festival Dark Arts Exhibition.

frankenstein was also shown (along with some amazingly clever editing and video footage by talented filmographer and director Andy Loverage) at the premiere of ‘Nyctophobia’ on 30th October.

The other two poetryscapes will follow very soon.


Nyctophobia – The Song ‘PRE-Prem Treat’


As a little pre-premiere treat, here’s a song which I originally drafted for the end credits, but decided was far too jolly!!!

Anyway rather than let it go to waste, I gave it a production polish and it will be played prior to the film
at tomorrow night’s premiere.

You heard it here first, so by tomorrow night it might be an earworm!!!


Bram Stoker International Film Festival 2014


The calendar has once again rolled swiftly round, and it’s nearly time to pack our coffins and head up North to Whitby in Yorkshire
for this year’s BSIFF and the Dark Arts exhibition now a popular feature within the festival.

We’re not attending the official Whitby Goth Weekend which immediately follows on the next weekend on this occasion, however the BSIFF event is on for a full 5 days this year so once again we have taken a house in the heart of town for a week to cover the duration of the festival.

My contribution is to the digital element of the exhibition, and following the success of last year’s audio poetryscapes I’ve created 3 slightly more epic
offerings with the theme of ‘Universal Monsters’ this being a homage to ‘Dracula’, ‘Frankenstein’ and ‘The Mummy’ the films from the early 1930’s which can be considered as
iconic and have had a lasting effect on the horror films we watch today.

The poetryscapes will also be played at the premiere of ‘Nyctophobia’ on 30th October.

Fragments of Fear!


This project is moving nearer to fruition with an expected air date in December and subsequent online presence.

With celebrity guest readers such as Francois Pascal and Caroline Munro adding their experience and screen presence the show will add a uniquely dark twist to the ‘Jackanory’ style theme!

I got a sneak peek of the title sequence featuring my musical ident style theme and it looks fantastic and full of macabre promise!

Keep up to date at this link

Nyctophobic News!


With the premiere and launch of ‘Nyctophobia’ just around the corner, director Andy Loverage asked me to write and record a short
piece of music that could be used for a 2 minute promotional trailer.

I must have been having a particularly good day, as the music I came up with hit the mark and encapsulated the kind of feel that was desired for the trailer without any re-writes or alterations.

The theme was dark and powerful, think anger and rage being driven and heightened by clostrophobic deadly captivity!, which sums up the premise of the film and the underlying storyline nicely.

For the trailer shoot, the team returned to the location used in the film and new footage was shot with Ben as his ghostly monk character, and Mike in his now infamous ‘creepy caretaker’ role
in which he apparently hungrily consumes a real cobweb or two – all in the name of acting darlings!

Anyway, check out the trailer whilst we excitedly anticipate the big launch night on 30th October!