Nyctophobic News!


With the premiere and launch of ‘Nyctophobia’ just around the corner, director Andy Loverage asked me to write and record a short
piece of music that could be used for a 2 minute promotional trailer.

I must have been having a particularly good day, as the music I came up with hit the mark and encapsulated the kind of feel that was desired for the trailer without any re-writes or alterations.

The theme was dark and powerful, think anger and rage being driven and heightened by clostrophobic deadly captivity!, which sums up the premise of the film and the underlying storyline nicely.

For the trailer shoot, the team returned to the location used in the film and new footage was shot with Ben as his ghostly monk character, and Mike in his now infamous ‘creepy caretaker’ role
in which he apparently hungrily consumes a real cobweb or two – all in the name of acting darlings!

Anyway, check out the trailer whilst we excitedly anticipate the big launch night on 30th October!

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