The Mummy – Poetryscape

THE MUMMY – Poetryscape

This is my third and final poetryscape from this year’s Bram Stoker International Film Festival Dark Arts Exhibition.

The poem is based on the Universal Pictures film starring Boris Karloff released in 1931, the film differs from the previous releases of this era in that it wasn’t based on a classic already established novel.

The Mummy was written by John L. Balderston and in my opinion was the weakest of the three classic films in terms of storyline, however it was a further vehicle for the now famous Boris Karloff to further chill audiences of the time with his portrayal of Imhotep an ancient Egyptian Mummy accidentally revived when archaeologists read aloud a sacred scroll of reincarnation.

Despite the lack of storyline the concept of The Mummy has gone on to enjoy many cinema revivals from it’s immediate sequels to the Hammer remake and again in more recent years.


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