Dracula – Poetryscape

DRACULA – Poetryscape

Here is the second of my poetryscape’s from this years Bram Stoker International Film festival Dark Arts Exhibition.

Like Frankenstein ‘Dracula’ is again based oupon the 1931 Universal Pictures film of the same name.

Purists will note the inconsistancies of the storyline compared to the original 1897 Bram Stoker novel, where of course it was Johnathon Harker who travelled to
Transylvania to assist the Count with his property transaction after renfield.

It’s also Wolfbane rather than Garlic that vampires find repulsive in this version of the story, not quite sure why the story was changed in this way as it would have had no budgetry or screen adaptational requirements to have deemed it necessary!

Anyway, enjoy, I certainly had fun in the creative process in writing the music and poetry and building up the soundscape.


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