Onto the Virtual Soapbox!


And a VERY cold welcome to my first blog. It’s taken me some time to ingest, digest, protest and finally divest myself of the need to record my literary output, in a way that might actually make some sense to someone, not least me!

I’ve been posting bits and pieces onto Facebook for a long time now, however I’ve come to realise that it’s not really the right venue for either my audio or literary endeavours. You will note that I gave the name facebook a capital ‘F’, this was really only out of grammatical kindness, for my respect for that particular social network is actually quite low.

Over the last couple of years the respect and privacy of individuals has I believe been pushed beyond the boundaries of the original intent. The number of adverts and commercial ‘elbows in the ribs’ have been dominating our newsfeeds, and I’m quite cheesed off with the whole thing really.

Why do I need to know the horoscope of someone I haven’t seen in years, or date Muslim women, or participate in inane Q&A’s with the likes of Amazon?, the answer is I don’t, and I’ve found that when I post things about ‘me’ on ‘my’ status, for ‘my’ friends to see and hopefully enjoy, they are probably not being seen, as their newsfeeds like mine are swamped with trash.

Anyway, I’m digressing from what should be my first ‘welcoming’ blog, and a piece of text that is intended to set the tone for things to come, and all I’ve done thus far is complain, but I wanted to let you all know why I’m here and the reasons behind it.

So who am I, what do I do, and why do I feel the need to create and post to a global blog?

Well, my name is Chris Ankin, I have a penchant for all things dark in nature, which as I will gradually reveal has been a life long interest for me, in fact it’s rather more than an interest it’s a way of life engrained deep within my inner core. I hasten to point out that this doesn’t make me evil (or a potential serial killer!), I actually think I’m a rather nice person!,

Alongside this personality quirk, runs my creative side, I’ve been writing, composing, recording music, poems, stories for longer than I care to recall and much of this work particularly over the last 5 years has been related to these darker traits. Whether it’s a poem that doubles as a lyric to a song, or a short story or poetryscape, there’s usually a theme or double meaning to the work I produce.

Finally why am I putting it up here, well all the things I do are essentially a form of art or creativity, and whilst I have no particular need to gain financial reward for my endeavours, any artist whether they are prepared to admit it or not, likes on occasion to get some feedback, constructive criticism or even pure unashamed praise for what they do, and I’m no exception!

So whether you decide to stay with me, have the occasional peek, or dismiss me as a complete weirdo and never come back again!, if nothing else this blog will serve as a method for me to gather my many random thoughts and store them in virtual jam jars, on virtual shelves, in a virtual cupboard …. well you get the idea!

Thanks for reading! x

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