LATEST NEWS – June 2014


The title music has changed for this programme, we’ve put the melodic ghostly waltz style music back in the top drawer for another day, and instead opted for a more modernistic 20 second audio sting of fragmented misery!, joking aside the new style is more in fitting with what is happening across the pond in TV show title trends the thought being why waste another 30 seconds of showtime on music that could be better used by the actual content.

so with this brief in mind I’ve been beavering away in the studio to offer the makers a choice, we’ve narrowed it down now and it’s well underway, oddly creating a mere 20 seconds of sound that encapsulates the flavour of the show is harder than it sounds!,

The show is expected to air later in the year now with some celebrity storytellers!


This short horror film has been written by award winning author Alan Keen and is being directed by Andrew Loverage in an affiliation with popular US TV show UK HAUNTED

Important at this stage not to reveal too much plot, but suffice to say having visited the film set, a real haunted cellar network underneath a grade 2 listed building I’m confident the atmosphere will transfer onto film.

The cast and crew are totally committed and there was a real buzz on location. I met alex & Micheal from UK Haunted who were dressed as police officers for there cameo in the movie.

Alan the writer/producer gave us an extensive guided tour, and I made numerous field recordings which may find themselves into the soundtrack.

We’re experimenting with various angles, including digenic location sound, Gregorian Monk chants together with some of my palette of synth and sample sounds.

It’s an exciting project I’m really pleased to be involved with and can’t wait for the premiere later in the year when all the post production and polish is finished.


The July/August of this online magazine will include my horror short story ‘Charlie’ which you can find under ‘stories’ on this site.


The last amazing issue of this digital magazine featured my poem ‘The Mortician’s Tale’ which was also featured on the US radio show ‘Whispers in the Dark’ back in February and can also be found in the ‘Poetry’ and ‘Poetryscape’ sections.


filming has now wrapped and post production is underway on the movie ‘Kids Vs Monsters’, this is a film being made by our good festival friend the Sultan.

we will be heading up North to Whitby in October for a week to attend and also exhibit within the ‘Dark Arts’ exhibition.

I’ve got a plan of the poetryscape’s I will create, and will be consulting with Mark Williams the exhibition organiser on intergrating the sound within the digital section of the show.


Early days on this project, but it’s looking to be a magazine and review show for horror and sci-fi, co-ordinated by Richard Gladman of space Monsters Magazine.

I will be involved with the theme and link sound creation, and there are some very talented and contributors and presenters onboard.

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