Arizona Sunset – New Track


Sometimes when I write a new track I have a clear vision of what I’m ultimately seeking to achieve from the outset. If it’s a song often it will be driven by the lyric or story, when it comes to instrumental music it will be the title or the sounds I use that set the musical compass.

With this track I started off with that twangy guitar melody so synonymous with the western vibe. I’ve always been a fan of Ennio Morricone and whilst this bears little resemblance to his work, I can’t deny that there’s more than a cursory nod of appreciation in his direction, with a modern twist of glitchy underscore drums.

Picture if you will the cinematic widescreen letterbox scene of a lonely desert, the image made up of two thirds vast blue sky, the lower third that of dusty orange sand and the heat hazed vista that spreads before you to the horizon.


Chris (c) 2015

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